Theater of the Soul

Welcome. May I introduce myself? My name is Stijn Schotanus and I live up North in the Netherlands, in Groningen. I am an expert in the undercurrent, a numerologist, also working with systemic therapies and family constellations.

In my company, Theater of the Soul, the undercurrent is paramount. Our subconscious plays a major role in emotions, feelings and thoughts. Learning to be aware of this, makes it possible to influence how we live our lives, our relationships, dreams and desires.

Systemic therapies (coaching and constellations) also provide an important framework. In my opinion they are the most accessible and transformative approach to become who you are meant to be as an individual: to Be who you are in all your personal radiant color spectrum.

Numerology is a clear analytical system to gain insight into someone’s energy, life purpose, talents and lessons. I would like to invite you to my online numerological consultation, see below.

Introduction to Numerology

Numerology is the knowledge of numbers, symbols for different vibrations of energy. It contains knowledge that has been practiced by philosophers for centuries. I am using the most original form developed by Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

I learned the wisdom of numbers from the late Jan Laurijsen. One of my blogs is an ode to him; a translation of the blog is upcoming.

Numerology of Pythagoras

Numerology belongs in the list of astrology and palmistry, methods that complement each other, to better understand yourself and situations, and to become aware of who you are. Based on his knowledge of number theory, Pythagoras created his own system that he summarized in two laws: The Law of the Rhythm of Changes and The Law of Harmony. Understanding the rhythmic law of energy helps you to make choices in organizing the energy you need for processes of change in yourself. The Law of the Rhythm of Changes is about dancing instead of pushing!

The Law of Harmony teaches you that everybody is connected to everything and everyone. By nature, life is always in harmony and balance. Pythagoras understood that people are in harmony when they are aware of their natural connection. This gives you a feeling of being carried, it seems as if there is a greater force that protects and directs you, and also ensures the realization of your dreams and ambitions.

Numerological readings

In a numerological reading I study your personal numbers which give an insight into your life purpose, your talents, pitfalls and challenges. You will get a wealth of information, a wonderful understanding of yourself, also about the energy that is currently of importance for you.

1. Your numerological reading in audio

I offer a short reading in an audio of about 30 minutes. You can order the audio in the Online store.

2. Personal numerological consultation – online

If you want a complete insight of all your numerological energies, the opportunity to ask questions, and discuss your issues, please mail me your order with your full name and date of birth at and we will make an appointment for an online numerological consultation (75 minutes). Costs are 120 euros.


I thought it was very special how you, who hardly knows me, manage to portray my life like this. Precisely because you do not know my life, it feels very safe for me and it is therefore easy to start using the knowledge about myself that has been provided. I can do a lot with this and I am grateful to you, Stijn. It is great that you held such a clear mirror in front of me. People reading this: highly recommended!  Hans M.

I so value your perspectives and appreciate your warm and caring nature. Thank you, Ellen B. Portland USA