Hello beautiful soul, 💫💜🎄

Is there an area in your life that could use an upgrade, a boost? Is there something bothering you or less than ideal? No need to settle for that. My emotional-code friend Meike and I have developed and tweaked (and tweaked a bit more) a clever way to harness our two powerful tools for you: 🚀 The wisdom of the numbers allows you to look deep inside of what your soul has “signed up for” during this lifetime. 🚀 With the help of the Emotion Code process, we are going to clear the top 10 emotions that contribute to keep you stuck in your current (less than ideal) situation, inducing a significant energy shift for you to gain momentum and improve that area of your life (or your specific issue).

With the booking of the ⭐Numerology meets Emotion Code Special⭐, you will be invited to name the issue / blockage / imbalance in your life that you seek to overcome and let the two specialists do “their magic” for you. Stijn is a life coach, specialized in numerology and family constellations. She will do a reading for you of your 2 main numbers that need to get healed to help you move on. Based on these numbers, Meike, who is a cert. Emotion Code practitioner, will first check your alignment + resistance levels and then clear the top 10 emotions to make way for your unique path to unfold. This is a remote session. This means, we will communicate via Email, Stijn and Meike will work on your issue / question and you will then receive a 15 minute audio recording of it within 7 days after placing your order. ❤️‍🔥😇The special holiday offer per session / issue is E 33,- (total value E 55,-) To order press

Do you love yourself enough to enjoy some help from beyond the visible? Or are you looking for a loving gift for your friend? Here you have it!Many blessings straight from my (and Stijn’s) 💜 to yours, enjoy the holiday season.

PS In case you or someone you know has difficulties to spare the funds for a session, please write us a private message. Every 10th session will be pro bono.