Constellations in Ciutadella- 26/9



in restaurant Fragile- Carrer del Roser, 9, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca On September 26 11:00 to 13:00 hours

Constellator: Stijn

Join us as a representant : or +31650687622

Voluntary donation by the questionner(s) for the benefit of Donkey Rescue on Menorca. 

Experience is not necessary, let yourself be surprised.


1. Constellations, what are they?


An arrangement can quickly reveal where blockages are and what is needed to start the flow of love. Constellations are mainly known as family constellations, but much more is possible.

In a family setting , the questioner places (or places) the number of substitutes for his relatives in space, in relation to each other. When these people have taken their place, they get all kinds of feelings and sensations that belong to those family members, without knowing them. This brings to light a certain reality of the family that until then was unconscious. Then there is a dynamic that seeks a balance to maintain the wholeness of the system, even if it is at the expense of individual members. Through all that there is to give recognition and place the love can flow again, which serves both the person and the family system. As a result, entanglements can be lifted, allowing you to become free to lead your own life.

In an organizational set-up , the dynamics between different employees in a team, management and management can be visualized and, in a similar way to a family formation, new insights can be gained in the mutual relationships and entanglements, after which there is more understanding for each other arises. The space that gives it creates a new dynamic that serves the total and the members of the total. An arrangement touches an essentially different layer than how we usually communicate with each other, and that gives surprising creative perspectives and movements that you can not stage in advance.

Different parts that play a role can also be drawn up in a question. Suppose you want to know how you can best achieve something, for example you want a new job. Then the job, the future employer, and everything else that plays a role in space can get a place next to someone who represents you. All these elements relate to each other and there is a lot to read. And here too, the total system is looking for a balance that serves the total and therefore also you.

2. Invisible threads between people

Systemic working makes us aware of the invisible threads of the large family universe, with which partners, each for themselves and in their joint process, are connected. Through an arrangement we get in touch with the movement of the soul of the system and with the working of the group conscience. Although a question from partners about their relationship often seems to arise from individual processes or a breakdown in communication, it often has to do with the place within the big picture of everyone’s family system and with an unconscious loyalty to old laws. A place as a child, son or daughter in relation to the parents, as a member of the family of origin, becomes the embedding in man or womanhood in the partner relationship.

Systemic work provides deep insight into how we relate to the polarity individual group. In particular, Bert Hellinger – in imitation of Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy – has put the finger on the great significance of loyalty to the system of origin and of the conscience of our personal life and the partner relationship.

3. Dynamics between people

Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung discovered in his work with dreams, associations and imaginations of clients that every person, young or old, man or woman, has to deal with an eternal dynamic between the poles male and female or between the archetypes animus and anima, primal images from the collective unconscious of humanity. Each relationship is influenced not only by the interaction between the partners but also by the operation of these forces, unconsciously and often in a negative sense. The partner must then comply with an ideal image that he or she can not possibly meet. The life task for the man is to integrate his anima, his feminine part; for the woman to access her animus, the male component in herself.


The integration of male and female aspects within ourselves gives inner wholeness. It makes us less susceptible to projection on the other of parts, which actually belong to us and which we ourselves must bear responsibility for. Partners, who find a balance between the male and the female in themselves, lay down building blocks for an alchemical marriage. This provides a powerful inner basis for giving shape to wholeness in the outer form. “